Increased use of Self-Service Laundries

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Reasons that have favoured more use of the Self-Service Laundries.

Who uses self-service laundries?

Since the first self-service laundries were opened, in addition to seeing how they have been increasing in number, the range of people who have become regular customers has also expanded, seeing the services they offer.  

As for the evolution of user profiles, the first ones were foreign people (since they were already familiar with these services in their countries of origin) and little by little students, people with "complicated" working hours and even older people and/or people living alone were getting closer. 

Using a self-service laundry is much more practical and economical. For example, we go when we need to do the weekly laundry, and we forget everything that comes with doing the laundry at home. From there, we leave with our clothes clean, dry and ready to store.

It is also more profitable. You save on the purchase of household appliances, the cost of water and electricity, and having to buy cleaning products for it.

On the other hand, there is also the profile of those people who prefer to continue doing their laundry at home, but choose to come to self-service laundries only for certain uses, for example, cleaning large pieces (duvets, quilts...). In addition, the cost in time and money is lower than in other specialized establishments and the quality of the result is very good.

Why do we use Laundromats more and more?

More and more people are joining the trend to use a laundry because the modern lifestyle is constantly evolving and buying white goods is becoming more and more complicated, not so much because of the purchasing power, as there are many different prices and they are practically within everyone's reach, but because life today is extremely dynamic.

FLEXIBILITY is one of the main reasons for your choice, since it allows you to fit the work and family routine with the performance of this task.

Are you sure you want a washing machine at home?

Buying a washing machine today can be a problem for many reasons, including space and mobility. 

Many of the apartments that are available for rent are sometimes very small.

This has many advantages in terms of order and cleanliness, but not when it comes to putting up furniture or appliances.

In addition, modern young people often move from one city to another either for study or work purposes, so there is a tendency to walk around with just enough luggage.

If not, they would have to put their furniture and appliances on sale every time they move....and the most important thing is practical. 

For these cases, the use of self-service laundries is ideal.

Saving money

It is a good way to reduce water costs, and especially electricity, which is usually the most expensive...but you must always compare the prices and services of different self-service stores, discarding what may represent a major expense.

Ensure a good result yourself

If you are one of those people who have a particular hobby with washing clothes, with the treatment and care of all your clothes, you no longer have to worry about letting other people do it for you in a conventional laundry.

Now you can choose to go to a self-service laundry and wash your clothes yourself.  For good results, you always have to take into account: 

  • Be careful with the type of detergent you use.
  • Choosing the right type of laundry for our clothes. 
  • Choose the correct temperature of the water for washing.


By following these tips, we will make sure everything is perfect and the way we like it.

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