We help you to create your self-service in the Canary Islands

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Creation of Self-Services in the Canary Islands by Capersan S.L.

Laundry self-service is a growing and growing business.   

The increase in the pace of life and its consequent lack of time, the lack of space at home to have a washing machine or simply the saving of money and energy, have made self-service more present. In the Canary Islands, in particular, there are more and more areas demanding this type of service. 

In CAPERSAN we have a technical and commercial team that will help you and will give you answers in what you need to undertake this type of business. We will try to make you feel supported from the very beginning.

To this end, the services we offer are:

  • Advice to the client: infrastructure, location and suitability of the premises, as well as a tailor-made estimate.
  • Delivery, transport and installation of the machinery.
  • Operational and technical training.
  • In addition, we also provide you with various tools, such as the complete design of the installation and promotional activities. This is possible thanks to the CLEAN & GO program from DOMUS, and there is no extra cost for the design.  The investment would only be in the physical store: the purchase of machinery, structure and printing of posters.

As has already been said, everything is free of any additional costs, no royalties or fees. We are not FRANCHISE.

Our experience, together with the experience of our DOMUS/ PRIMER brand in self-service, make us a reference in the sector.

In the Canary Islands we have installed several self-service stores in different areas and islands. Some examples are:

Autoservicio "El Cardon", Fuerteventura


Fuerteventura (Pto. del Rosario).

Autoservicio "Canary Laundry", Gran Canaria


Gran Canaria (C/ Emilio Zola- Montevideo).

It opened its doors in 2016 and in 2017, due to demand, the machinery had to be expanded.

Autoservicio "San Isidro", Tenerife




Fuerteventura (Pto. del Rosario)

We also have "EL CARDÓN" in Gran Canaria (C/ Tomás Miller) and the laundry self-service "RAFA BELLO S.L." in Lanzarote... In addition to a long list of clients who have also trusted CAPERSAN.

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