Central Pay Systems


DOMUS offers its new central pay with the most wide range of standard features and options.

  • Central pay that can control up to 8 machines standard. (can be extended)
  • Metallic construction in 2mm thick plates, high-resistance epoxy paint dried in the oven.
  • Anti-vandal touch screen TFT 17” (6mm thick).
  • Anti-lead coiner, from €0.05 to €2.
  • Hopper with change return, self-powered, capacity up to 1,500 coins, depending on their value.
  • Banknote reader taking bills from €5 to €20. Stacker up to 400 units.
  • Ticket printer (capacity for 185 mts roll)
  • High-security lock.
  • Alarm plate with front door lock.
  • System to fix the machine to the wall or embed it, includes a rear access.
  • Control cabinet and assembly kit for 8 machines.
  • Software included (allows remote control).
  • Card dispenser (reader and recorder) w/Mifare PVC cards.
  • CE certified.


  • NO PIN bank payment module. (Max. 20 EUR)
  • Customizable/non-brand rechargeable cards (200 units).
  • Central pay base.
  • Printer rolls (20 units).
  • Customized front panel.
  • Connection kit +8 machines.

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