The advance of laundry for dry cleaning P

Wet cleaning, the advance in laundry for dry cleaning

There is a growing awareness of environmental care, and many applications are now being made in the technological world to collaborate with it.

As for the industrial machinery for laundry and dry cleaning, the WET CLEANING washing system has been created. 

A large part of the machinery that CAPERSAN S.L. offers incorporates all the necessary characteristics to work with this system as standard, thus avoiding having to make costly investments to work with this advanced washing concept.  This feature replaces most dry cleaning systems, allowing maximum cost reduction.

It has many benefits for both the entrepreneur and the end customer, so let's get to know this system a little better:


  • The WET CLEANING washing system is the most environmentally friendly option and is also very gentle on clothes. 
  • It is a wet cleaning process in which we use water as a solvent, which is very different from traditional washing in water or dry cleaning. 
  • It can clean almost any type of textile, including wool and silk, which in the past could only be done by dry cleaning.
  • It does not use hazardous chemicals or generate hazardous waste. It does not pollute the air and greatly reduces water and soil pollution.   The detergents used in this process are mostly pH neutral and milder than those used at home.

What can we clean with WET CLEANING?

  • All garments washable in water. 
  • Garments that are in contact with the skin and allow WET CLEAN. 
  • Clothes that cannot be washed in water, but are easy to clean, such as parkas, trousers, skirts, etc. As long as it contains a minimum of 10% synthetic fibre (e.g. polyester) the risks are minimal. 
  • Garments that pose a risk, only when the customer is responsible, and is strictly necessary for the type of dirt.

Advantages of using WET CLEANING 

  • New fabrics that can be washed in water, or that cannot be dry-cleaned and approximately 50% of the garments that are traditionally dry-cleaned.
  • New, more restrictive legislation on the use of solvents.
  • Less contamination, the products used are not pollutants and are based on components used in cosmetics.
  • Better quality of the cleaning of difficult stains. They are more than 80% of the usual stains that will be easier to remove and their cleaning will be superior.
  • More professional work, the touch of the garments is softer, with a more pleasant smell.
  • Reduced costs, we simplify stain removal for the dryer, we avoid manual washing, consuming less water and less light.

Advantages from the point of view of the laundry and dry-cleaning professional:

  • A much smaller initial investment. Wet Clean technology is simpler and cheaper both in initial investment and in subsequent maintenance.
  • Work in a 100% clean environment without carcinogenic residues or solvents.
  • Savings in energy, water, soaps and eco-friendly taxes, which in turn allows you to offer more competitive prices to customers.

Characteristics of WET CLEANING machinery 

  • WASHING MACHINE WITH FULL CONTROL OF THE CLOTHING DURING THE WASHING PROCESS, easy to program and with access to all the parameters (water levels, revolutions, rotation or not while filling, etc.).
  • It is necessary that the washing machine has built-in containers or vessels for the dosage, since we can measure freely, solids or liquids without the need to install pumps. It is also essential to centrifuge at 1000 rpm to reduce the drying time.
  • DRYER WITH HUMIDITY CONTROL, as well as control of the air inlet and outlet temperature pause.
  • SUITABLE PRODUCTS THAT ALLOW US TO CLEAN AT LOW TEMPERATURE, IN LESS TIME AND WITH LESS MECHANICAL ACTION. The finishing product must give elasticity and volume to the garments, avoiding wrinkling and facilitating ironing.
  • IRONING EQUIPMENT, as long as the volume of garments treated in WET CLEAN does not exceed 50% of all the garments to be washed, we will not need special ironing equipment, the wrinkling is similar to that of the dryer.