CAPERSAN S.L. is a Canary Islands company with almost 30 years of experience in the laundry and dry cleaning sector. 

The SERVICES we offer are:

  • SALE OF MACHINERY FOR LAUNDRY AND INDUSTRIAL DYEING (washing machines, dryers, ironers...)
  • MULTI-BRAND TECHNICAL SERVICE. The repair of machinery, can be in our warehouses or in the facilities of our customers.
  • Sale of MACHINERY for laundry and SECOND HAND machinery, repaired and tested in our facilities. Guaranteed.
  • Sale of all types of SPARE PARTS, ACCESSORIES and CHEMICAL PRODUCTS for laundry (carts, soaps, laundry tubs, etc.).
  • Preparation of STUDIES, BUDGETS or PROJECTS OF FIABILITY AND CONSUMPTION, for all types of facilities.

One of our main services is the SALE OF MACHINERY FOR LAUNDRY AND INDUSTRIAL DYEING IN CANARY ISLANDS (washing machines, dryers, ironers...), being suppliers of several national and international companies, all backed by more than 80 years of experience in the manufacture of machinery. 

Our journey began in 1989, providing technical assistance to the firm GIRBAU S.A. For 25 years we have been the exclusive representatives of this brand in the islands, but a few years ago we decided to take another path, since our experience, technical and commercial infrastructure and above all our customer base demanded it.

We currently represent the ONNERA GROUP (4th worldwide manufacturer of laundry machinery) with its brands DOMUS and PRIMER as a delegation for the Canary Islands.

We also have signatures for large laundries such as: 

  • LUNIWASH washing machines of 100, 200 and 300 Kg/h. 
  • CARBONELL washing and drying tunnels. 
  • Folding machines for sheets and towels FOLTEX, VEGA.
  • Calenders of the brands LACO, LAPAUW, VEGA, from which we can supply machinery, spare parts and accessories as well as SAT (Technical Assistance Service) for them.

Apart from machinery, we are also suppliers of ALL KINDS OF SPARE PARTS, ACCESSORIES AND CHEMICAL LAUNDRY PRODUCTS (carts, soaps, laundry tubs, etc.).

We distribute SPARE PARTS for different brands on the market at very competitive prices in the sector, both for the brands we delegate: DOMUS and PRIMER, and for many others (Girbau, Electrolux, Polimatic, Fagor, Primus, Milnor, etc.). 

Many of these brands are positioned in the Middle East and Africa markets, selling machinery and spare parts to Senegal and Mauritania.

We are currently working on opening up potential markets in Cape Verde and Morocco.



In addition to the sale of machinery, spare parts and accessories, we stand out for our TECHNICAL SERVICE.

The knowledge and experience acquired in these years, allows us to offer unbeatable technical and commercial advice, ensuring: 

  • Providing performance
  • Durability 
  • Energy cost savings

All cases, although they may look similar, have their own particularity. At Capersan we are concerned about choosing the best option for each client. Each solution is completely customized.

Our knowledge of the laundry sector in different fields, allows us to offer a quick response to breakdowns and technical malfunctions that may have, both of the brands we sell as any other (hotels, hospitals, nursing homes, industrial and small laundries, etc.). 



Our main added value is the NEARNESS. We operate in a rather technical sector and it is easy to move away from taking care of the "human" treatment.... But for us the GOOD PERSONAL TREATMENT is very important, both for our employees and for our clients.

We are involved from the beginning, attending and understanding the needs of the potential client. We provide advice with the best solutions for each case. 

The follow-up in each project is continuous, from the first moment to the start up of the laundry and subsequent service.  

We are at your disposal for any incident or query.