DOMUS Murals Flatwork Ironers: Ø 325 - 200 mm

CM-1432, 1632, 2032


CM-1432, 1632, 2032 (roll Ø 325 mm)

  • Front feed and return ironer.
  • Roll dimensions from 1,4 m. to 2,0 m. wide, and diametre 325 mm.
  • Frequency Inverter for the ironing speed control.
  • Panels in Stainless Steel and painted steel.
  • Powerful exhaust system.
  • Nomex feeding and ironing belts for an easy operation, top ironing quality and long-lasting belts.
  • Electronic microprocessor (speed and temperature control, self switch-off).
  • Automatic stop after cooling down (at 80ºC).
  • Electric and gas heating.
  • New gas model with radiant burner (25% production increase).

CM-1420 (rodillo Ø 200 mm)

  • CM-1420 is the smallest model which can dry-iron the flatwork, ideal for reduced spaces.

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