DOMUS Self-service Comfort & Stack Dryer

Comfort & Dobles

Domus tumble dryers from 11 to 36kg are available in a self-service version, whichever the model that the customer needs. COMFORT (digital) range, as well as HEAT PUMP models and STACK dryers have several payment options for the laundromats: to work with centralised payment systems, with in-built coiner / token box or with prepay card systems.


  • Available models: COMFORT COIN: DTP-11, DTP-18, DTP-23, DTP-28, DTP-36.
  • Panels in grey skinplate, look stainless steel.
  • Digital Control.
  • Stainless steel drum.
  • Reverse drum action.
  • New lint filter drawer.

NOTE: The self-service COMFORT dryer is prepared for central pay. A coin kit can be ordered to work with different currencies -tokens. STACK COIN dryers have two models: with one coiner or with two coiners/central pay.